10-1. About KYC


There are 2 solutions below:-

One is to bring your passport to the Metropolitan Police Department, and obtain Non criminal certificate from them. After submitting these documents to the Labuan Financial Services Authority, we will be able to accept the work after approval.

The other, if your name notation or spell is different from a criminal with the same name, kindly sign your Personal Resume and application documents prepared by our us. After submitting these documents to the Labuan Financial Services Agency, we will be able to accept the work after approval.

CTC is an abbreviation for Certified True Copy. For example, if it is difficult to submit a original copy such as a passport, it will be considered official with CTC. As a general rule, CTC can obtain English certification at notary offices.

It is possible to obtain CTC at a notary office. Depending on the service content, in addition to notary certification, we may request for certification at the Legal Affairs Bureau certification, Ministry of Foreign Affairs certification, or Malaysian Embassy (Apostille certification).

Yes, you need to provide both passport's copy to us, and we will conduct a review process. If the review is OK, you may let us know which citizenship you would like to use to obtain the visa (work permit).

Let us know which citizenship (nationality) is the 2 passports you holding. One of the citizenship must include your place of birth (country of origin).

A reference letter is a recommendation letter from an expert used to objectively prove that the person is a reliable person.

Request reference letters from professionals (such as Lawyers, Certified public accountants, Notary, etc.) or from the bank where you open personal account.

We require a minimum of 2 reference letters.

The reference letter can be in free form, but as a general rule, the following information must be included:-

・ Enter the letterhead of the office to which professionals such as lawyers or accountants belong.
・ Enter the name, address, phone number, email address, URL, etc. of the professional office.
・ An expert registration number and signature must be signed, and a job seal must be stamped (if any).

If you can contact us, we will give you a sample form.

Is possible. For example, if husband will be a shareholder and wife will be a director, there is no problem if issue 1 letter from Lawyer A and the other letter from Accountant B in this case.

Proof of Address is a document that proves the residence address of the person who assumes office as a director or shareholder. Kindly be sure to submit proof of address in your country of residence.

e.g: latest Utility bill / Statement that not older than 3 months period

The Labuan Law does not allow electronic storage of scanned data. Kindly be sure to courier the original copy to us. In addition, kindly be sure to obtain notary certification for documents that are difficult to submit originals such as passports (Certified True Copy).