11-1. About Us


Monday to Friday 11:00 - 18:00 (closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays).

You can check it from Labuan IBFC official website.


Our common language is English. Chinese and Japanese are also available.

It is possible, but kindly make a reservation in advance. Since we give priority to e-mail support, in principle, all inquiries by phone will be call back after hearing the requirements.

Although it is possible, there will be a charge for professional fee (personnel expenses per hour + transportation expenses + accommodation expenses, etc.).

Please refer to the following site for details: -

Our Service

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the product, we do not make postpaid. As an alternative, you can proceed with the procedure if you send us the proof of payment scan data.

In principle, Bona Trust Corporation does not accept any payment other than bank transfer. However, if you are unavoidable to bring cash, such as when the deadline for renewal is coming soon, kindly bring your bank withdrawal certificate. We cannot accept cash without proof of withdrawal.

Bona Trust Corporation recruits operation staff on an irregular basis. For details, kindly refer to each recruitment media. The human resources we seek are as follows:-

・ Language requirements: Acquire 4 skills (Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening) in English + Chinese or Japanese above business level expected

・ Business experience: Knowledge and experience in trust business or company secretary business at financial institutions over than 3 years expected

Bona Trust Corporation develop and manage tools for improving the efficiency of company secretary duties. It is possible to provide customised products for each client (Trust Companies).

In the unlikely event that we go bankrupt, the company secretary of our client will be handed over to other trust company.

At our company, administrative fees received from clients are kept separately, and funds are transferred regularly from business accounts. In the unlikely event that we go bankrupt, our clients' funds are protected.


11-2. About Contract with us


In principal, any person over the age of 18 can sign the Witness field. However, relatives (such as family members) are not allowed to sign.

CSA is an abbreviation for Customer Service Agreement. All clients who use our company must sign CSA.

NDA is an abbreviation for Non Disclosure Agreement. When dealing with important confidential information, both parties sign an agreement not to disclose confidential information we have known and learned in business. We conclude mainly during M&A deals and employment agreement with staff.


11-3. About our initiatives


Kindly refer to the following site for our Anti Money Laundering guidelines.

Anti Money Laundering Guidelines (AML Measures)