Apply Labuan Work Permit

Bona Trust Corporation provides Labuan Work Permit obtain support Service.

Clinents who wish to obtain Labuan work permit after set up Labuan company are requested to prepare various documents.

The procedure for applying for Labuan work permit is as follows (Labuan work permit is obtained and renewed every 2 years. If your passport is valid for less than 2 years, please explain to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that you need to renew your work permit before the expiry date as it is less than the expiry date of your visa and request renewal).



Labuan work visa application procedure
◇ Preparation of required documents ・Please prepare the required documents.
◇ Payment of fees ・Please pay the support fee to our designated account.

* Once we have received your payment, we will start preparing your application documents.

◇ Application forms
・The application form will be handed to you for your signature.
◇ Mailing of application forms ・Please send your application together with the required documents to us.
◇ Approval from the Immigration Department ・After receiving approval for the work visa, please visit the Labuan Immigration Office.
◇ Immigration formalities ・The work visa is now issued. Please pay the issuance fee to the Department of Immigration.

1. Preparation of required documents

To apply for a Labuan work permit, please prepare the following documents: –


Support Documents 1. Four (4) copies of passport size photos with BLUE COLOUR background ×4
2.  Certified True Copies of latest passport book by the Embassy of Japan / Notary Public ×1
3.  Certified True Copies of highest qualification – educational certificate by the Embassy /  Notary Public ×1
4.Business Plan of the Company (with future 3 years financial projection) ×1
5. Personal Resume ×1

*When all documents are ready, please sign the blank space at the bottom of all pages.

Please keep the required documents temporarily and send them to us together with the 3. application documents (* Kindly see below).

2. Payment of support fees

We will issue an invoice and ask you to make a bank transfer to the account indicated on the invoice.

Once payment of the support fee has been received, we will start preparing the application documents.

3. preparation of application documents

After the registration of incorporation has been completed, you will receive an application document with Company No. etc. as an attachment. Please sign the application documents.

The Labuan work permit is applied for from the Labuan company to the director (yourself), so an employment contract with the Labuan company is required. The employment contract must be set at a monthly salary income of at least RM10,000 (Important: “Application requirements for a work permit“). Kindly note that we can prepare the employment contract and other application documents for you.


Application Documents 1. Employment Letter × 2
2. Letter of Undertaking × 2
3. Statutory Declaration × 2

*When all documents have been signed, please sign the blank space at the bottom of all pages.

*Please leave the date field blank. Please note that the date is entered by the Labuan FSA, so please do not enter it incorrectly.

1. Please send the scanned data together with the required documents to us by e-mail. We will carry out a final check to ensure that the form is complete. If all is done, enclose the required documents and send them to us by post.


◇ Address ◇
To : Bona Trust Corporation

Kensington Gardens, No. U1317, Lot 7616, Jalan Jumidar Buyong, 87000 Federal Territory of Labuan, Malaysia

Tel : +6087 – 599 – 300

◇ Flow of documents ◇
Customer → Our company (Labuan Trust Company) → Labuan Financial Services Authority

The following vendors are recommended for courier:-



4. approval from the Labuan authorities

Approval of the Labuan work visa should, as a guide, take from three weeks to one month from application to approval.

After approval of the work visa, the applicant (director and family members) must ‘travel to Labuan Immigration’ for the visa issuance process to the passport.


5. Access to Labuan

Access to Labuan is operated daily by Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia from Kuala Lumpur (Capital city – West Malaysia), and the flight time to Labuan is approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes. Also MAS Wings operates daily from East Malaysia, the flight time is approximately 30 minutes from Kota Kinabalu (Sabah – East Malaysia), and approximately 40 minutes from Miri (Sarawak – East Malaysia).


Departure place Transportation Operating company Time required
Access to Labuan Kuala Lumpur Airplane Malaysia Airlines 2 hours 20 minutes
Air Asia
Kota Kinabaru Airplane MAS Wings 30 minutes
Ferry Jesselton Ferry 3 hours
Miri Airplane MAS Wings 40 minutes
Brunei Ferry Shuttle Hope 1 hours 20 minutes

In addition, you also need to come to the renewal procedure to Labuan Immigration at the time of renewal procedure.

* In addition, when renewing your work permit, you will also need to come to Labuan for renewal procedures.

6. Work permit issuance procedure at Labuan immigration

Payment of RM1,225 is required as issuance fee at Labuan Immigration to receive issuance of work permit. Payment can be made only by cash,  kindly note that you cannot pay by credit card or check.

Labuan Immigration is in the process of issuing only from Tuesday to Thursday. Kindly let us know your preferred dates and times when your approval is received, we will make a schedule reservation. Our staff will accompany you on the day to assist with the process.