How to register Stripe account

This section explains how to use Stripe Malaysia for those who will start business activities in Malaysia using a Stripe account in the name of a Labuan company.

In particular, for those who are involved in IT-related businesses, it is expected that there will be cases where a Stripe account will be required, so the following is information on how to authorise a Stripe Malaysia account in the name of a Labuan company.


Registering for the Stripe service

First, register for the service through “Stripe Malaysia“.



For Type of Business, kindly select Corporation (SDN BHD) to proceed.


For the bank account, select a Ringgit account.


How to pass the certification of a Labuan company

Once registered, then upload your ID and company information file.


【How to pass the certification of a Labuan company】
◇Register your email address. Register your email address.
◇ Receive verification email  Click on the link to receive an email verification.
◇ Enter the required information  Please enter the required information.
◇ Complete the verification procedure Upload the following five documents, then complete.


List of documents required for certification
・Form 7 (Certificate of Incorporation)
・Form 13 (Allotment of Shares)
・Form 23 (Registered Office Address)
・Form 25 (Particulars of Directors and Secretaries)
・M & A (Memorandum/Article of Association)