Labuan Dependent Pass Renewal

For renew of dependent pass, normally we will prepare the necessary document together with application of working permit.

1. Preparation of necessary documents

Kindly prepare the following documents when renewal for acquisition of labuan depandent Pass.

Documentation for application of dependent pass
1. Family Registry ×1 *1
2.  Certified True Copies of latest passport book by the Embassy of Japan / Notary Public×1
3. Four (4) copies of passport size photos with BLUE COLOUR background ×4

[*1please make sure the above documents are translated into English.

Documents for signature – to be prepared by Trust Company 1. DP10 or DP11 × *2
2. Application Letter to be signed by Applicant×1 *2

[*2] We trust company prepare about this documents.

Tiara Labuan

2. Renewal for dependent pass

All documents related to dependent pass will be released together with application of working permit for signature. And please return all documents together with Working Permit and Dependent pass and the documents required to our office to process. Once the Labuan FSA approved to renew for working permit, and working permit holder confirm a date to Labuan for endorsement of WP. Then he / she can bring the family member whom renew dependent pass to Labuan together for endorsement.